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About our dive centre

Belonging to the indigenous Karen tribe of the Andamans, our team’s expertise at deep- sea diving was likely inherited from their forefathers and courses through their blood. It’s thus no surprise that three of the best dive spots in Andamans, if not in India, are named after three of our divers, who discovered them while conducting and discovering native dive sites around the area.

Their familiarity with the water, as we are with the land, allows them to get you to explore the depths of the waters, safely, and introduce you to the joys of marine life. They are here to gently guide you and open up the potential to explore 71% of the earth, the waters.

Learn to dive while enjoying the pristine and controlled waters in the Andamans, their home.

Come, join the tribe!

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Why us

While our company was registered in 2011, our team has been diving for over 25 years. 

Meet our team


SSI official dive center Partner

Our company was founded in 2011. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.