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Experience incredible emotions discovering new amazing underwater worlds with our diving centre.

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diving tribe

Belonging to the indigenous Karen tribe of the Andamans, our team’s expertise at deep- sea diving was likely inherited from their forefathers and courses through their blood. It’s thus no surprise that three of the best dive spots in Andamans, if not in India, are named after three of our divers, who discovered them while conducting and discovering native dive sights around the area.

Their familiarity with the water, as we are with the land, allows them to get you to explore the depths of the waters, safely, and introduce you to the joys of marine life. They are here to gently guide you and open up the potential to explore 71% of the earth, the waters.

Learn to dive while enjoying the pristine and controlled waters in the Andamans, their home.

Come, join the tribe!

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We guarantee your safety underwater so you can relax and enjoy the underwater world. Time to make your dream come true!

Pioneers of Diving in Andamans

Three of top diving sites in Havelock are named after our dive professionals. 

We teach divers at any level

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Introduction dive program

1 dive, 1 day

Embark on your underwater adventure with our beginner’s one-dive program! Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Andamans with confidence, equipped with full gear rental and personalized instruction. Enjoy a 40 minute guided dive alongside your dedicated instructor, capturing memories with included photos and videos. SSI registration and dive log ensure your journey is officially recognized.


4 dives, 4 days

Get certified to dive upto 18m while exploring the wonders of the Andaman Sea with SSI’s Open Water Diver course at Ocean Tribe. Learn from experienced instructors and explore vibrant marine life and breathtaking landscapes. Earn a globally recognized certification and embark on a thrilling underwater adventure. Start your journey today and discover the beauty of the ocean!


5 dives, 3 days

Dive deeper upto 30m into the underwater world with Ocean Tribe’s SSI Open Water Diver Advanced Adventurer course. Experience 5 exciting specialties, including a unique night time dive, each after a thorough briefing by your Instructor. Gain the freedom to explore and credit your training towards full specialty programs in the future.

Already have a few dives under your belt?

There are many unique dive sites in and around our home that offer stunning and breathtaking opportunities to become a Divemaster and above. Reach out to us and we’ll plan something for you!

Hear from our clients

Experience incredible emotions discovering new amazing underwater worlds with our diving school.

"I did my advanced and my Open water here. Had an amazing experience with them.

Ocean Tribe is fun, friendly and just genuinely nice people. Learnt a lot from Jeriel during my diving course, who's an excellent teacher ! 🙂

Multiple dive sites in and around Havelock are named after them and their founders. Hope to be back really soon."

Antarleen Pal


"Diving with Ocean Tribe Scuba - was easily the best decision I made when it came to getting certified as a diver. 

They use high quality equipment, and are attentive to your comfort level. They don't work like a commercial tourist shop - hurrying you from dive to dive in big batches.

Small batches with longer, immersive, and beautiful dives is how they work!

The best part is the pedigree of the dive instructors! Most of them have discovered and unlocked new dive sites in and around Havelock."

Sameer Hedge


"Best place to dive in the Island! With a great team of divers, along with the legendary divers Mr. Dickson and Mr. Jackson themselves at your service, the dive center handles the dive sessions with utmost professionalism and fun . Contact the dive center directly and get all the necessary information via call and get your slot booked. Happy diving 😃"

Joel Joseph


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Experience incredible emotions discovering new amazing underwater worlds with our diving school.